All At Sea

Life isn’t simple. Things happen, you deal with them. And when you’ve dealt with them, sometimes the things come back, undealt with. It’s like a dance with you being led. You think you’re doing everything right but one mistake and someone’s foot gets crushed.

Enchanted Forest
Enchanted Forest

Where else would be a good place to hide?

Lazy but Chilled

Why not relax – don’t feel guilty, just fall asleep.

Beautiful Silence

The slow, the distant.

You are Loved
You are Loved

Although sometimes it’s hard. Although sometimes it’s lonely. When an end isn’t in sight or the courage to chase it presents itself – remember that at some point, somewhere, somebody loves you.

Pavement Faces

Their expressions unchanged after you step on their face

Danbo Sleeps

This cat sleeps anywhere and doesn’t care if you put small plastic Japanese manga characters on him



The Lair

The perfect place for a super villain to hide out.


I think this sums up Autumn for me. The last bit of colour trying to stand out in an ever increasingly bland world.

South Parade Pier

If it wasn’t for Victorian Britain would we ever think to do this now? Create a structure that reaches out into the sea for no, modern, reason other than because it looks cool. The sensation of walking over the sea, peering through the wooden boards to the sloshing water below is one of those unique […]

Portsmouth Architecture

Again on our yearly trip this building sticks out to me. It reminds me of Times Square with its interesting shape. The rooms on the corners must be quite unique with some great views and light. A good place for a studio maybe?