I am available for new projects for TV work, advertising, computer games or background effects. I’m also available to do mixing and mastering of your projects. Visit the contact page to drop me a message.

I grew up in a house filled with music. My father has always been a musician and my mother a music lover. All genres of music being played including rock, pop, classical and ballads. My father was also in a band that used to play on the evenings around the Southampton and southern Hampshire areas every weekend.

One of my earliest influences in the style of music I generally write was the ground-breaking electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre. Growing up in the 80’s and 90’s, I experienced the increasing use of electronic synthesizers and equipment and the growth of electronic music into the massively diverse genre it is today. Heavy influences during that time were various forms of electronica including ambient, trance and industrial techno.

My music “upbringing” has been pretty eclectic which generally comes out in my music writing. Normally electronic based but with hints of classical and big themes throughout my music.

I have always written music “solo” but I have collaborated with signed artists and had a possibility of a contract a few years ago on my own merit.

I have recently become the newest member of the band Circle Plantagenet, playing keyboards and doing the mixing and mastering for the band. Circle Plantagenet were formed in the 1960’s and disbanded in the 1970’s. The original band members met up about 10 years ago and was reformed as a studio band.

Check out some of the links listed on the site to hear some of things I have been involved with over the years.