First Track on SoundCloud from “Themes”

OK, so I did say that news would be pretty sparse, but I thought I would let one of the tracks out of the bag as a taste for the album!

The style is going to be similar throughout the whole album, but with songs representing different “feels” (or themes?) I’ve got a few tracks together so far, including a dark sounding one, a very ambient sparse track plus a minimalist electro one. Oh yes, and not to mention a track that has some very ambient vocals. All in all they represent different themes but have a common style. So, yes the album is coming along, and hopefully within the next 4 months or so it should be finished, or at least be ready for final mixing.

The track I’ve uploaded to SoundCloud, “Four” is one of my favourites so far and has a really nice laid back style and punchy rhythm. I really like how it’s turned out. Whether it will stay the length it is is another question. I might add to it, or not.